An Asanti Project success story

My name is Jonathan, I am 21 years old and this is my success story!

I am one of the lucky children who were rescued by the Asanti Project organization.  I am currently in a higher learning institute, third (3rd) year at the University of Eldoret (UoE) in Kenya. I am looking forward to the final year of my studies which is in 2022, to attain a Bachelor of Science in Applied Statistics with Computing.

How it all started: At the age of five (5) years my father, a young graduate with a small beautiful family suddenly died in a road accident. My young mother was overwhelmed, two young sons below the age of 5, no income at all. She fell sick with deep depression leaving me and my brother in a desperate changed situation.

My mother was admitted in a psychiatric clinic with a prognosis of severe depression. In a blink of an eye, one day to the other, we were total orphans who had to fend for themselves.

We were taken in by Asanti Project first (1st) home Sega with unconditional love without borders. Our team were the very first group of orphan children of the project.  This was a life changing opportunity for me and my brother Job, we now had a place to call home and a bright future is now feasible.

I was admitted in a local primary school in class three (3) with intensive tuition for a better foundation and was able to pass my primary school education with a very good pass mark to join the high school for another 4 years.

In high school, I attained an excellent pass mark B+ (Plus) Grade as one of the best students in my class and subsequently got admission to a Kenya Government University.

I am very happy with the close support and regular follow up of the Asanti Project. Thank you so much for holding my hand as I have grown to be a responsible, literate citizen.

I now look forward to completing my studies and a bright future is guaranteed.