We deliver immediate and lasting improvements to children’s lives for the next generation.

Asanti Project provides a loving home to the orphaned children and primary care for future sustainability. Founded in 2004 by Phyllis Suter a Kenya native and a friend Deborah Lo Pumo a Swiss National who was visiting Kenya for the first time.

Why do we intervene?
Nearly each homestead in the villages has at least one or more orphans due to the high rate of HIV epidemic in the Western Kenya region. This is where we come in to advocate and empower the rural orphaned child for a better foundation in education for future sustainability. Today: We support approx. 60 children at the St. Michael Seka Home, Kendu-Bay in Homa Bay County, 56 children in boarding schools, local and international colleges.

What we do
We provide shelter, primary care, education and medical care through sponsorship of CHF 1.– a day for one child at a time. After a safe and loving home, nothing is more important to the children’s future than a quality education.

Asanti Project introduction
Have a look at the  video about the Asanti Project and/or read the article published by True Africa in 2015.

We have done well so far, let's keep the good work going.

Our location in Kenya
0 ° 21'21.3 "S 34 ° 40'22.4" E
Here you find an aerial view of the Asanti Project site..
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