The future forecast

We act as parents and friends: It is very easy to  provide food and shelter but these kids’ need to acquire the life skills that other children learn from their parents, so we make it a  priority to involve our kids as deeply as possible in every aspect of the running of the home by making sure they do their school work and  daily chores. We also have to provide a stable, secure and loving  environment where they can develop self-esteem and confidence. In short, our little community functions like a family home, not an institution.

Education: Basic education for children from 2 – 13 years (Primary school Plan) and higher education for children over 14 years (High school and University Plan). 

Education is a powerful driver for poverty reduction and sustainable economic development; therefore we are investing for a sustainable future. We provide to the children a safe loving home, boarding facilities, daily meals, medical care, counselling and education programes.

 We design, implement, and partner to support interventions for children and young adults.